Are Your Leadership Practices Future-Ready?

Scouting Hidden Talent

Developing future talent within your organization requires that you are more than just a good partner; you need to be ahead of the gameyou need to be an Anticipator.


To be an Anticipator your leadership practices must be Future-Ready. 

Find out if you're ahead of the game. And if you're not an anticipator yet, we have proven practices to get you there.

Are you an Anticipator?

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Think about your current organization. How much do you agree or disagree with each statement?


We provide data that business partners use to make strategic talent decisions.

We create talent plans that are connected early and strongly to strategic planning.

We use advanced workforce analytics to forecast future talent needs.

We ensure a higher percentage of leaders are promoted from within.

We help leaders more readily face human capital or talent related challenges.

We institute negative consequences for managers who fail to develop their leaders.

We position leadership development as an integrated journey rather than an independent series of events.

We put a strong focus on programs that foster employee creativity and innovation.

What’s the most important priority in your leadership development strategy?